PETnology Americas 2019 Program Highlight

Enabling Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration


Ross Perry

General Manager, Rigid Packaging Sales, North America
Husky Injection Molding Systems

Ross Perry is the General Manager, Rigid Packaging Sales – North America, at Husky Injection Molding Systems, responsible for ensuring North America’s beverage packaging market is well served by Husky. With a professional background in engineering and business, Ross has held various roles of progressive responsibility since joining Husky in 1997, including both marketing and sales in the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Ross holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Maine, and a Master of Science degree (Business) from Husson University.

Trevor van Eerde

Sustainability Manager
Husky Injection Molding Systems

Trevor Van Eerde is the Global Sustainability Manager for Husky Injection Molding Systems, focused on working with customers to help them achieve sustainability goals, including reducing waste and improving competitiveness. Mr. Van Eerde has over ten years of experience in the plastics industry, including five with Husky, and over ten years of experience focusing on energy management and sustainability. Mr. Van Eerde has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University and is a Certified Energy Manager.


Today, sustainability is a growing movement that has affected all aspects of consumer behavior – including consumer purchasing decisions. To satisfy this demand, many savvy brands are looking for ways to build a more sustainable footprint in consumer packaging. For more than 65 years Husky has been a pioneer and leader in the injection molding industry. The development of novel and innovative technologies has allowed Husky to continuously deliver products and services that help our customers to be more competitive – this also applies to the manufacture and design of sustainable packaging. This presentation will highlight how Husky is committed to developing consumer packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact, with uncompromised food and consumer safety, through innovation and collaboration.  Themes will include lightweighting, alternative materials and innovative part design.  By continuously innovating our complete, integrated system solutions we are helping to make PET preform molding more energy efficient, while still achieving the highest levels of reliability, repeatability and preform quality. Sustainability starts with design – with our expertise in application design and development, we are able to look at the complete package and find ways to optimize recyclability and sustainability.