PETnology Americas 2019 Program Highlight

Additive Infusion: A powerful lever in product design


Nathan Anderson

OmniFusion, LLC

Nathan is the President of OmniFusion LCC, a company focused on novel methods for incorporating polymer additives into finished products.  Nathan is accountable for the full product life cycle, from ideation to commercial execution. OmniFusion’s unique capabilities offer solutions for diverse industries from food packaging to autonomous vehicles, medical devices, power management products, and beyond. Applications are particularly focused on removable color to promote recyclability, near-instant continuous color application, natural anti-microbials, barrier properties and more.

Nathan also works with InSitu Foods LLC in the development of small-scale food systems. He previously consulted with Fortune 500 companies at PwC.

Nathan is also an active volunteer in early childhood education, serving on several boards targeting systems change in generating proven educational outcomes.


There have been two ways to incorporate additives into your products, until now. Infusion of additives unlocks new opportunities that compounding and coating cannot replicate.