PETnology Americas 2019 Program Highlight

PET Liquid State Polycondensation: Effectivity and Application Opportunities


Peter Schneider

General Manager
Next Generation Recycling Machines Inc.

Peter Schneider is an Industry Specialist of 20+ years in the Plastics Industry. He gained experiences as General Manager and President/CEO in Automotive, Medical Devices, Plastic Packaging, and lately the  Plastic Recycling industry. His operational and market responsibility spanned both Europe and the Americas. “I always enjoyed working for and with companies who are operating at the technological front in their respective industries and exhibit a huge affinity to innovation. With this being said, I am proud to be able to support NGR here in the U.S.”


For many years, PET up-cycling technology was dominated by solid state polycondensation which is an established solution to harmonize material properties across different flake feed-stocks, lifting IV values, and reducing volatile contaminants.

Next Generation Recycling Machines has developed new technology based on Liquid State Polycondensation. This process delivers more reliable and faster IV lift, reduces contaminants with much higher efficiency and expands the possibilities bringing PET feedstock back into valuable applications. The implementation of this technology is called P:REACT and consists of a vacuum reactor that accepts devolatized PET melt from an extruder. Within just 20-25 minutes of residence time, P:REACT delivers IV lifted and decontaminated melt to a downstream die. The process is continuous, completely automated and in most cases, the PET scrap can be received by the extruder without pre-drying. IV lift of 15-25% is possible depending on the input material. Output melt from the P:REACT is FDA approved for 100% food contact.

In this presentation, Schneider will discuss the technology, the achieved results, and typical applications in bottle-to-fiber, bottle-to-sheet, and bottle-to-bottle.